A trip to France with Saveur du Jour

Year after year, France comes out as the top tourist destination in the world in terms of number of foreign visitors. With so many places to see and so many things to do, no wonder many tourists from Europe, the UK, the US, China and Japan want to visit Paris or the French countryside. If you too would like to visit this great country during your next holiday, we can help you find the cheapest flights to France. Wherever you may be departing from, we can help you find the best traditional or low-cost airline to reach your final destination in France. For example, if like most people you want to fly to Paris first, we would suggest landing in Beauvais, which is usually the best airport to target in order to minimize cost.

Whether you decide to purchase an all-inclusive travel package or just a round-trip flight, make sure you get on the Internet or get a travel guide to acquaint yourself with the country of France before departing. Are you interested in art, history, monuments and museums? If that is the case, then Paris, the capital city of France, should definitely be your top selection and the place where you will want to spend the most time during your visit. Would you prefer to travel to France for leisure and take your time in the French countryside? Then you may want to visit the Bordeaux wine region, Burgundy or the French Riviera. Stay in a bed and breakfast if you can. Click here to get a list of Band B for each region in France. Who knows, you may make friends among the locals, which will make your stay more authentic and more enjoyable.

Once you are back home, you may want to convey your warm wishes and dedication to a special guest who lives in France, so you may have to send a gift to France. However, you may not know where and how to start especially if you live in the United Kingdom or the United States. You may wonder how it is possible to send a gift to someone located in France. With the help of Saveur du Jour, you can reach out to your friends in France and indulge them with an exotic range of stunning gifts.

That’s when you will want to check Saveur du Jour gifts. Saveur du Jour is a French store that specializes in sending French gifts to France and other parts of the world. Some of the different types of gift ideas offered by Saveur du Jour include: French Beauty Products, French Gourmet Food, products from Provence and authentic Paris Souvenirs.

An advantage of sending a gift to France with Saveur du Jour is that their inventory is located right there. No need for a parcel to travel across the ocean or to pollute mother earth. Your gift will go from point A to point B within France, which means that it will be delivered quickly. Shipping in France takes away any customs related issues and ensures a safe and swift delivery of your gift to your loved ones. Not to mention the fact that your recipient will receive an authentic French product, not some kind of imitation made in a low-cost factory.

Another great advantage of using Saveur du Jour is that they offer the possibility to shop online. From the comfort of your living room, you can make a selection from food specialties, souvenirs from Paris and Provence, home accessories or home décor items, French antiques, or Paris souvenirs such as replicas of the Eiffel Tower. You might even have a specific gift idea in mind but do not see it on the website of Saveur du Jour. This does not mean that you cannot order it from them. Through the website, you can send a description of the gift that you would like to order and the team of Saveur du Jour will be happy to shop for your custom gift.

Your gift will be gift-wrapped with care and can be delivered with a personalized message. With Saveur du Jour you can create a lasting memory with your friends and loved ones in France. Never miss the opportunity to express your consideration on a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other special moment whether it be personal or professional.

Visiting saveurdujour.com will bring back great memories of the wonderful trip you had in France. Browsing through Paris souvenirs, Provence gifts or French food items will be like taking a virtual trip to France. Their object descriptions include memorabilia and useful facts about the whole country. Think about it during those long winter nights or rainy days when you start dreaming about your next summer trip. Definitely a cost-effective solution to go through France without leaving home.



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